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About Endure Medical Inc.
ENDURE MEDICAL INC. is an affiliate of a Singapore-Based Company Endure Medical Technologist, Pte., Ltd.

Singapore's renowned information technology-based industries buoyed by global strengths derived from years of phenomenal growth, has set its sight on biotechnology, biological and pharmaceutical research. Innovations on new medical and hospital and diagnostic equipment and disposables are also being given impetus by the government. Singapore is known for its excellent critical-care management backed up by modern and world-class facilities.

As in the case of its information technology-based industries where Singapore became very successful, it hopes to emerge as the lead country in the ASEAN in developing its research- based Biotechnology, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries in preparation for the integration of the member countries within the ASEAN FREE TRADE ZONE.

Corollary to these objectives and the new directions Singapore in undertaking, a Philippine initiative was established by linking the activities of Singapore –based Endure Medical Technologist Pte, Ltd., As a partner and affiliate of Endure Medical Inc., A Philippine based company, by introducing a wide therapeutic range of branded and generics pharmaceutical formulations, such as vaccines, sera, anesthetics and other life-saving products to the Philippine Market.

Endure Medical Technologist, Pte., Ltd. Is sourcing its products from reputable companies from the Americas, Europe and Asia to be imported and distributed by its Philippine affiliate ENDURE MEDICAL INC.

ENDURE MEDICAL INC. Is committed to abide by principles that city state, Singapore, lives by:

E- Excellence
N- Novelty
D- Discipline
U- Uncompromising
R- Resurgent
E- Energized